Work Culture

At Floraison, we believe that one never ceases to learn: to enrich the mind with the potency of knowledge. And therefore, our employees perceive their tenure with us as an opportunity to learn, to explore, to discover: not just about the exciting world of business but also about their own goals as individuals and the horizons of their professional aspirations. Floraison essentially believes in accelerating growth by partnering our employees in their journey to carving a successful career.

The Organization aspires to nurture the professional aspirations of its employees and enable career progression through increased responsibilities, greater rewards and enhanced prospects. Further, recognizing the importance of knowledge, we foster knowledge management through a range of practices to identify, acquire, utilize and distribute knowledge to result in confidence enhancement, creativity and innovation. Another important aspect of the work culture at the organization is to identify, coach and mentor talent and stimulate higher levels of performance through a scientific performance management system. Ultimately, we seek to cultivate a vibrant culture to identify and groom leaders and inspire leadership abilities beyond the confines of hierarchies.

A culture that reveres talent and nurtures it with opportunities, a culture that grooms leaders of tomorrow – that’s the work culture at Floraison.