India Entry Strategies

The world economy is witnessing a paradigm shift in terms of rapid globalization: markets are no longer limited by the confines of boundaries defined by the geographies of countries. A borderless world presents to each entrepreneur a world of unlimited opportunities, unprecedented growth and unparalleled success. In such a scenario, India has emerged as a lucrative destination to do business in and economists, world across, believe that the country offers some of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs and capitalists to start and expand their business.

However, it can be quite frustrating for a new entrant to understand and comprehend the various applicable laws of the country and deal with multiple vendors for different requirements for setting up business here. Things also complicate because the procedures are not the same for all entities. Different laws and procedures are applicable to different entities depending on the status of the organization, nature of business, industry to which they belong, structure of the organization, ownership issues etc. making it a real challenge to fulfill the mandatory requirements of completing all the applicable formalities in the Country. The process requires an accurate administration of the formalities and procedures, which is more an art than science.  In addition, with the intensifying war for talent, quality workforce is fast becoming a scarce commodity, across the world and more so in India.

Under the realm of India Entry Strategies, Floraison guides trans-national organizations and individuals in formulating their approach of setting up business in India by offering them complete support for the effective implementation and successful execution of their plans. Whether organizations are at the “concept” stage of looking at the Indian region, or would like to share their work with a “hands-on” implementation partner, Team Floraison has the proficiencies to work with them through the whole process, right from idea generation to having successfully running their business operations. We achieve this objective by providing end-to-end business solutions to interested entities. The process comprises of an in-depth understanding of an organization’s business needs and offering a comprehensive solution which would be ideal to its requirements.

Our Approach to India Entry Strategies