Company Profile

“Floraison”, in French means ‘flowering’.

The name reflects our objective of “Accelerating Growth” as an Organization.

Floraison India Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd. is a Bangalore-based business consulting organization. As a company which provides integrated consulting services, we partner our clients from the stage of inception to assist them in successfully commencing their operations and further hand-hold them to run their company efficiently.

At Floraison, we strive to cultivate strong relationships with our clients by providing them with solutions, which cater to their precise requirements. Customizability is therefore the essence of all the services provided by us. We believe true success is not just fulfilling our clients’ requirements, but exceeding their expectations. And, to be successful, we work as a cohesive team all the way, using the best of tools and methodologies.

Floraison is a member of:
 » Confederation of India Industry
 » Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce
 » Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.