Knowledge Fostering Program



An old Chinese proverb reads as follows: “If you want to feed a hungry man, don’t give him your fish; instead, give him your fishing rod and teach him how to fish. He’ll never be hungry again”

Recent years have witnessed an exponential growth in the Indian economy and simultaneously an increased demand for specialized workforce, especially in the sphere of accounts and compliances. Despite the demand, there seems to be a paucity of work-ready professionals. In such a scenario, a student or a fresher, although equipped with the right academic qualifications, lacks the know-how of the ‘essential and pragmatic fundamentals’ that the corporate world today, has a need for. Floraison’s Knowledge Fostering Program (KFP) has been designed keeping in mind the growing need of the corporate world for work-ready freshers. Floraison’s KFP has been devised to foster knowledge by focusing on the know-hows and in turn helping the associates nurture their confidence.

USP : Our continuing consulting experience which equips us with the right knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of various industries, from an accounting and compliance perspective. Both these factors, together, facilitate us with an accurate insight into the requirements of the intellectual capital of the sector. The end-product is a hands-on course which caters to the needs of all its stakeholders: be it the corporate world full of opportunities for ‘employable’ freshers, or, the associates wanting to carve a niche for themselves by exploiting these opportunities to the fullest extent possible.

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